Wordpress 5.0 - Gutenburg

7 Dec 2018

Wordpress has just released its first major update in a while yesterday called Gutenburg. Built from the ground up this has been one of the biggest changes the WordPress platform has seen in a while. It empowers you to create rich pages and posts with flexible drop and drag blocks enabling you to create content far easier.

In order to upgrade to this latest version you will manually need to perform this update, before you do that though you must first create a backup of your website.

Although we have daily backups running we highly recommend that you take a snapshot of your website before performing this update. One of the benefits using Hatchet is that we have a fully fledged backup system that empowers you to create Snapshots of your website using a tool called JetBackups (found within your cPanel console). It allows you to quickly create snapshots and restoration points for when you are making drastic updates or updating plugins to your website.

For more information on how to create a snapshot we recommend you checkout the official documentation by JetApps: https://docs.jetapps.com/jetbackup/backup-website-cpanel-snapshots

Please be aware that if you are running an eCommerce website or a website that has live data that in the event that you need to rollback your website that all data stored will be lost during this period. There have been reports of plugins and tools breaking websites such as the Divi page builder. Not all tools are currently compatible with WordPress 5.0.

If you need assistance with performing this upgrade or restoring backups please send through a support ticket and we will schedule a time to help you perform this update (standard hourly rates apply).